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Posted by ArkasIcewind - May 8th, 2009

Well, now I've seen a new low for Newgrounds and its quite baffling that it is at such a state to where something with hardly any real quality or true effort was made and hit the front page.

I watched the "Brawl Funnies" flash since it was on the front page since everything that usually makes it to the front page deserves its standing only to see that it finally happened... I knew that the community and main users/viewers were the majority of little punk 7-13 year olds with the mental power of a slab of mud, but its finally come the day when they all just voted high to bump a flash to the front page.

I'm uncertain of were or when it happened.. but somewhere along the time line when the internet was made and my generation was no longer the "New" generation.. a new breed of idiot was born without a mind of their own that is swayed by the simplest and most childish things I have ever seen. I won't even justify this moronic mentality because they're "kids" mosty because I was no where even that immature and retard as these little internet trolls.

I can understand where "Brawl Funnies" is trying to go... but its so god awful its a defeat in the point or purpose of it being made. The only visually pleasing part is the opening for the first one.. and the rest is grade A+ Garbage.

Its amazing what no talent people with zero level of intellectual humor or though process manage to mangle together. Newgrounds is slowly becoming one big collection of special needs children with this strange inverse homo-phobia. Its actually quite repulsive as an artist and someone with a lot of creative ideas to see something so... half-baked just up and even made. I've never been one to hope much for the progression of intellect in mankind and its general well-being... but good heavens...

There are a small amount of artists I respect for my own reasons, but they have all earned it. Some flashes come out by people that do something amazing once.. and then never again, but the animation itself deserves its respect even under unforgiving standards.

All in all... I believe in keeping a high bar of standards... and if you don't meet those standards then you are not someone worth creating anything worth keeping. Its not impossible nor difficult to meet these standards, but I'll not accommodate anyone for their inability to properly do or try things.

As a final word... Where's the new talent? Where's the creativity? Has originally really died in the younger generation? Sad..

Posted by ArkasIcewind - January 21st, 2009

I'm working on making a good vocal audition so you people can hear exactly the range of sounds and voices I can make as well as my performances.

However... I'm having trouble getting my mic to pick my voice up as it is and catch everything. There is a certain depth to my voice that is lost when I actually try and record something. The lower ranges of my voice are just dropped off during recording and leaves only the higher ranges. I'm not sure if this is due to my microphone.. or just do to how I talk into the microphone... or the software I'm using to record with.

I think I've got a lot to offer for voice talents and voice acting and would love to through in some lines and make myself a resource to people making flashes out there. I know how to do a lot of things, but talking like an insane person is the most fun out of any mindset I could take on. lol

Anyone know of a program that's good at catching deeper voices as well as higher ones?

Anyways, hope to be putting out my odd talents for voices out there soon!

Posted by ArkasIcewind - March 24th, 2008

So far I don't have much in the lines of actual submissions except for two original songs I made while I was in High School, which wasn't all that long ago, and my take on the theme from the Gremlin Movies.

However, I've been messing around with FL Studio and discovered the ability to import midis directly into the program itself which ands in all the note values for me. This lead to me messing around with a few songs for about... maybe 10 or so hours each. I know original work is always going to be better than some "simple" remixes of songs, but it makes me wonder if I should submit what I've done so far.

Do note that I've only just started using FL Studio and these songs are merely products of me messing around in it. I have yet to learn how to add EQ effects and how to adjust each track and I'm not going to try doing my own ideas till I can since having a pure sound and good quality is something I want if I'm going to submit it.

I've enjoyed doing remixes and trying to warp the notes that were there to make it sound different though. So, if anyone reads this let me know of any opinions or suggestions. Help with FL Studio would be very much appreciated! =D

Posted by ArkasIcewind - March 19th, 2008

I notice a lot of reviews that have been made and write by people after viewing so many flashes and audio submissions. There seems to be a pattern to these reviews, a idiotic pattern at that.. It seems as though a large clump of people is either in two dispositions when they write a review.

These are the following traits of the two and names of the types of the reviews they give:

1) -The first being the simple-minded or easily swayed by game cliches. These people 10/10 and 5/5 every little peice of work and offer few words... these people offer nothing more that high scores and fans.. that's it.

2) -The second is the overly negative and possibly the hate-the-world-type. These people drop scores of those putting actual artistic creativity and talent into their work. Often times these people give average scores to pieces of work that take time, skill, and effort to put together. These people are the ones that strangle the artist's works and just makes everyone a little irritated.

I'm going to try to be a somewhat serious voter and review writer taking into consideration everything a good flash should have. Creativity and originally will get more reviews and rewards than talentless and inventive submissions.

Not like what I say here matters.. or that I'll make any bit of a difference, but this is wear I stand, my opinions, and my choice on the matter.

Offended? Tough.. grow up. Impressed? Message me, I'll eventually check my messages. I'll answer every bit of mail, so send away because I'll try to answer you back.