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Excellent story telling and stylish art!

This animation is amazing and so is everyone the helped out with the voice acting as well. These guys have a passion all their own.

Now, this is a solid 8 out of 10 and it deserves nothing lower.

First off, the animation is stylized in a way that is unique and very pleasing on the eye while still delivering off emotions and actions fluently. Next, the voice acting is not only great quality, but the voice actors put some real emotion into things and make it that much more believable making it that much better. Then, you have some excellent script working going on here; although a little dodgy with the running sequence for a moment, and losing a sense of tension, it recovers quickly and the pace is on queue with what's happening on screen.

I have two highly valid and solid reasons why this is not a 10 out of 10.
-Nothing is perfect
-a few minor tweaks

There is also a third.. and that being merely that there isn't a series of animations that lead up to this so no one that hasn't seen the comics on Zeurel's Deviant Art page will be quite lost at first, but its coherent enough to understand and enjoy without much backstory prior to reguardless.

In all honesty I think that Zeurel and the whole crew back on Deviant Art deserve a great deal of support and praise for the amount of effort, skill, and heart these guys put into doing all of this, it really is quite amazing. These guys work together and do these matches and get better at art, animation, storytelling, but more importantly all these guys have fun. Its like a corner of Deviant Art has become this close niche of people and its something.

Zeurel, as an artist myself, it is inspiring to see that many people work together to do something this.

Great Job Bro.

Solid 8/10 ... Arkas out~

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Good God Man...

That was great for a laugh there. lol

It lacks a background, but the style and the voice acting suits it and makes the awkward timing work well. Specially of how long it took before he started to bleed.. lol. The excessive manner of everything just makes this priceless.

Good stuff, keep up the work.

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Dane Cook?

This was just great overall. The animation quality is really crisp and smooth with your art style. Simple character shapes makes for a cartoony feel that just fits the overall tone of the animation.

I love the combination of the dark humor mixed in with the light-hearted animation style. It adds a invisible layer of quality to the animation that makes it breathe in its own style as sets it apart from everything else.

Also, I noticed, in my opinion, as this certain speech pattern similar to Dane Cook when he does his jokes. It makes things that are messed up about life and childhood in general just seem so quirky and humorous. "The Door of Unimaginable Physiological Torment" has to be one of my all time favorite lines in this. From the way its said and presented it makes for an instant classic.

The drastic facial expression and just the normal ones at that make this have a higher sense of quality. The voice acting you do makes this hold the jokes together very well.

This had a lot of time put into it and it shows. Great job on this animation. It'll be sure to hold a strong place in the Halloween submissions.

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HotDiggedyDemon responds:

GODDAMN I DON'T SOUND LIKE DANE COOK. why does everyone keep saying that?

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Pretty good.

It starts off really well, but it kind of drops back towards the ending. The ending made me laugh though.. wasn't expecting it. lol

The synths are pretty good, but in the end it loses some of its punch after the first 30 seconds. This has some good ideas in them, but they just weren't pulled together quite right.

Keep going though. Forget what other people say and practice at it. Even some of our best musicians weren't pure gold from the start. I'd like to hear something from you once you get things down and running smooth.

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Not bad

Its nothing ground breaking or a masterpiece, but its a very good attempt at music. It has its own style and has simple beats to it. Its actually nicely done, but it lacks the variety it needs to be something at which makes one want to listen to it repeatedly.

All in all its a start. I suggest adding more to it and changing things up a bit more. For someone that usually doesn't do music its a great foot in the right direction. Keep on working at it and you might have some skills to add even more personality to your flash animations.

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HotDiggedyDemon responds:

well yeah, this is like the 3rd or 4th song I've ever made. I've got a lot to learn, obviously, but I enjoy so I'm gunna keep doing it

Nicely done

This is some really nice work, specially for a "demo".

This has a really nice feel to it and is played in a way to where a bunch of different voice types could do the vocals for the song. It leads up and changes really well too. The chugging of the guitar sounds really good to. Some sick little soloing was going on in one part too. Props for that cause it was really good.

Keep up the work, hope to hear more.

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