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My way of review writing for those that bother to read or even care.

2008-03-19 22:59:32 by ArkasIcewind

I notice a lot of reviews that have been made and write by people after viewing so many flashes and audio submissions. There seems to be a pattern to these reviews, a idiotic pattern at that.. It seems as though a large clump of people is either in two dispositions when they write a review.

These are the following traits of the two and names of the types of the reviews they give:

1) -The first being the simple-minded or easily swayed by game cliches. These people 10/10 and 5/5 every little peice of work and offer few words... these people offer nothing more that high scores and fans.. that's it.

2) -The second is the overly negative and possibly the hate-the-world-type. These people drop scores of those putting actual artistic creativity and talent into their work. Often times these people give average scores to pieces of work that take time, skill, and effort to put together. These people are the ones that strangle the artist's works and just makes everyone a little irritated.

I'm going to try to be a somewhat serious voter and review writer taking into consideration everything a good flash should have. Creativity and originally will get more reviews and rewards than talentless and inventive submissions.

Not like what I say here matters.. or that I'll make any bit of a difference, but this is wear I stand, my opinions, and my choice on the matter.

Offended? Tough.. grow up. Impressed? Message me, I'll eventually check my messages. I'll answer every bit of mail, so send away because I'll try to answer you back.


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2008-03-20 00:13:36

And here I am, glad to say that I do not fit into either of those groups!
I review based on content, complexity, and entertainment value. I agree, some of the stuff on here that hits front page doesn't deserve to be there; however, I often find gems show up on the front page, and I still find fantastic submissions completely on accident. Thus is my life on Newgrounds.

Perhaps, however, I give out high scores a little too often. I'll have to rethink my voting from now on. Thank you for the insight of your observations.

BTW: you'd be surprised how many people read the stuff you think nobody will ever even see. ;)


ArkasIcewind responds:

Well, I'm not the most well know member of the community in Newgrounds so I hardly expect any reactions to anything I do, but thanks for taking the time to actually leave something.

Nice to know I'm not the only one trying to write reviews rather than comments. I know my stuff isn't going to be perfect or awesome right away, but eventually I hope to learn to make more interesting reviews.


2008-03-20 01:32:34

I normally grade on originality, and also I give tips on how to improve if I give a low score.

I had a no.2 when I accidentally listed one of my pieces of music as Ambient rather than D&B. So I pretty much know how it feels to get shunned by these people.

I try to be fair, though I'm guilty of giving unreliable reviews myself.

ArkasIcewind responds:

Nothing worse than accidentally misplacing a submission just do to the fact that a lot of people well eat you alive about it.

I take everything into consideration, but even so I'm very forgiving on submissions. I do it because this is all user created content and not a bunch of professionals. I tend to rate according to the level of skill of the user, but there is only slow forgiving I'll be.

Thanks for leaving you bacon slice here. I find it a interesting that even two people posted something.