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2008-03-24 01:47:35 by ArkasIcewind

So far I don't have much in the lines of actual submissions except for two original songs I made while I was in High School, which wasn't all that long ago, and my take on the theme from the Gremlin Movies.

However, I've been messing around with FL Studio and discovered the ability to import midis directly into the program itself which ands in all the note values for me. This lead to me messing around with a few songs for about... maybe 10 or so hours each. I know original work is always going to be better than some "simple" remixes of songs, but it makes me wonder if I should submit what I've done so far.

Do note that I've only just started using FL Studio and these songs are merely products of me messing around in it. I have yet to learn how to add EQ effects and how to adjust each track and I'm not going to try doing my own ideas till I can since having a pure sound and good quality is something I want if I'm going to submit it.

I've enjoyed doing remixes and trying to warp the notes that were there to make it sound different though. So, if anyone reads this let me know of any opinions or suggestions. Help with FL Studio would be very much appreciated! =D


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